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Cyflawni addewidion o ran yr iaith Gymraeg - Delivering on Welsh language promises -- Postiwyd gan-Posted by waen ar / on Friday, February 25 2005
Mae Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru wedi llwyddo i gyflawni ei addewid i fuddsoddi yn yr iaith Gymraeg, meddai'r Gweinidog dros yr Iaith Gymraeg, Alun Pugh, heddiw. Mae Iaith Pawb, cynllun gweithredu Llywodraeth y Cynulliad ar gyfer Cymru ddwyieithog, wedi nodi'r ymrwymiad i fuddsoddi £28m yn ychwanegol yr yr iaith Gymraeg erbyn 2006. Mae cyllideb o £12.68m i Fwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg ar gyfer 2005-06 yn golygu y byddwn yn cyflawni'r ymrwymiad hwnnw.

Dywedodd y Gweinidog: "Diolch i fuddsoddiad sylweddol Llywodraeth y Cynulliad yn yr iaith Gymraeg, mae gan Fwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg erbyn hyn swyddfeydd rhanbarthol yng Nghaernarfon a Chaerfyrddin, sy'n gweithredu fel canolfannau i'r gwaith a wneir gan y Bwrdd i gefnogi'r iaith yn yr ardaloedd hyn.

"Bydd y buddsoddiad diweddaraf hwn yn galluogi'r Bwrdd i sicrhau bod cynnydd yn cael ei wneud ar waith pwysig fel prosiect Twf, sy'n annog rhieni dwyieithog i siarad Cymraeg ‚'u plant.

"Pan oeddwn ar gwrs Cymraeg yn Nant Gwrtheyrn yr wythnos ddiwetha, fe gwrddais ‚ nifer o gydweithwyr o Fwrdd yr Iaith a'r Mentrau Iaith sy'n ymwneud ‚'r gwaith o gyflwyno prosiect Twf, felly rwy'n falch y bydd arian y Cynulliad yn eu galluogi i barhau ‚'u gwaith, gan ddatblygu'r genhedlaeth nesaf o siaradwyr Cymraeg."

O dan ei gylch gwaith ar gyfer y flwyddyn i ddod, bydd Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg yn parhau i adeiladu ar y gwaith a wna i gynyddu'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg yn y sector preifat ac yn y gweithle.

Er mwyn sicrhau statws y Gymraeg fel iaith gyfoes, bydd y Bwrdd yn gweithredu strategaeth Technoleg Gwybodaeth ar gyfer yr iaith Gymraeg, gan gynnwys defnyddio TG i safoni termau, cyfieithu ‚ chymorth peiriannau, technoleg llais a'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg mewn cysylltiad ‚ ffonau symudol.

Bydd y Bwrdd yn parhau i weithio gyda'r 25 o Fentrau Iaith ac yn eu cefnogi i hyrwyddo'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg mewn cymunedau.

The Welsh Assembly Government has fully delivered on its promise to invest in the Welsh language, said Welsh Language Minister Alun Pugh today. Iaith Pawb, the Assembly Governmentís action plan for a bilingual Wales, set out the commitment to invest an additional £28m in the Welsh language by 2006. The budget of £12.68m for the Welsh Language Board (WLB) for 2005-06 means that we will fulfil that commitment.

The Minister said: "Thanks to the Assembly Government's major investment in the Welsh language, the Welsh Language Board now has regional offices in Caernarfon and Carmarthen, acting as focal points for the Boardís work to support the language in these areas.

"This latest investment will enable the Board to continue progress on important work such as the Twf project, which encourages bilingual parents to speak Welsh to their children.

"While on a Welsh course at Nant Gwrtheyrn last week, I met a number of WLB and Mentrau Iaith colleagues involved in rolling out the Twf project, so I am very pleased that Assembly funding will enable them to continue their work, developing the next generation of Welsh speakers."

Under its remit for the coming year, the WLB will continue to build on its work in increasing the use of Welsh in the private sector and in the workplace.

To ensure the status of Welsh as a contemporary language, the WLB will implement an Information Technology strategy for the Welsh language, including work on using IT to standardise terms, machine-aided translation, voice technology and use of Welsh in relation to mobile phones.

The Board will also continue to work with the 25 Mentrau Iaith and support them in promoting the use of Welsh within communities.

source- communitiesfirst network

Bermo / Barmouth Communities First February meeting -- Postiwyd gan-Posted by waen ar / on Sunday, February 13 2005
At last Tuesdays meeting presentations were made by guest speakers Trefor Davies and by Emma Davies.

Trefor Davies of Cyngor Gwynned had the task of explaining the debacle resulting from the planned redevelopment of several Council properties in the town. It appears that assumptions rather than clear costings had been made about the likely charges for converting the library and youth centre and that money allocated as a result would be significantly less than the real amount needed. A revised scheme has been sketched that may fall within the original budget, this however has now to be costed to test this theory. It is now thought that works, if they go ahead, could be completed by February 2006. This will depend, partly, on the success of revised funding applications that will have to be made by contributing groups including Communities First .

Emma Davies is the Projects Training Manager for Deudraeth Cyf, her address to the group concerned the ownership by community groups of buildings, often formerly owned by local authorities. She informed the partnership on aspects of funding and management along with the responsibilities involved using examples from her own organisation to illustrate her points

The meeting then examined matters that had arisen from previous discussions. It was noted that:

On the 7th & 8th of March the Theatre Forum Cymru will be in consultation with the Youth Club.
It was said that the Environmental Groupís open day on the 13th January had been ďa brilliant successĒ, Allen Ashby reported that over 20 people joined. The displays for Wern Mynach and Orielton Woods are now in the Communities First downstairs windows.
Interest in the adult education courses has been such that most are now full.
The C.C.T.V. group which meets regularly is opening a bank account: the Chamber of Trade has agreed to donate £1,500 to this scheme. The group also has other gifts & donations.
Members were pleased to hear that After a lot of hard work Gwion now has the Communities First website up and running. To view the web page go to URL:
In the coordinators report it was mentioned that two First Aid classes, with Dorothy Williams tutoring, have been held so far and have been a success. First Aid manuals have been ordered for groups to be able to access information instantly.
Invitations have also been sent to sports groups in the area with the intention of setting up a Sports Forum locally so that grants can be accessed for sporting type projects.
The Community Beat Managers report noted that two names have been received so far as volunteers, at the Police Station, and that more would be welcomed.
The next meeting will be on the 15th of March at 6.p.m. in the community centre.
On Monday 21st. February, the Communities First office will move downstairs, from the first floor of the Council Offices on Station Road, to the old Tourist Information Office. This is on the ground floor of the same building, which will mean that access will be much easier for everyone. There will also be room for displays of new projects and matters of interest to the local community. Many thanks from Communities First to all those that helped with the move, especially Gina Ashby & Lili who gave the new office a coat of paint, made the room look clean, cheerful and ready for business!
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