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ACCAC - Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru (ACCAC) yw prif gorff ymgynghorol y Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru ar bob agwedd ar gwricwlwm yr ysgol, arholiadau, asesu a chymwysterau galwedigaethol.

Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru/the Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales (ACCAC) is the National Assembly for Wales's principal advisory body on all aspects of the school curriculum, examinations, assessment and vocational qualifications.

After 16 - Gwybodaeth a chygnor i bobl ifanc anabl. Gwybodaeth ar y gyfraith, arian, gwaith, tai ac addysg.

Teenagers and young people in the UK who have an impairment or disability and are wondering what opportunities and services there should be when they leave school. *Parents, carers and professional workers will probably want to use it too!

Agor Drysau - Housemate - Gwybodaeth ar dy hawliau ynglyn a tai

Housemate is aimed at young people and at anyone that works with young people in a professional or caring capacity. This site accompanies free primary and secondary teachers' materials on housing and homelessness produced by Shelter.

Anabledd Cymru - Disability Wales - Cymdeithas genedlaethol y grwpiau anabledd sy'n gweithio i hyrwyddo, hawliau, cynhwysedd, cydraddoldeb a chefnogaeth i holl bobl anabl Cymru

The national association of disability groups in Wales working to promote the rights, inclusion, equality, and support of all disabled people in Wales

Asiantaeth yr Amgylchedd Cymru - Environ - Y corff cyhoeddus mwyaf blaenllaw ar gyfer diogelu a gwella'r amgylchedd yng Nghymru a Lloegr.

"We are the leading public body for protecting and improving the environment in England and Wales. It's our job to make sure that air, land and water are looked after by everyone in today's society, so that tomorrow's generations inherit a cleaner, healthier world."Sir John Harman, Chairman.

Childline - ChildLine is the free, 24-hour helpline for children and young people in the UK. Children and young people can call our helpline on 0800 1111 about any problem, at any time - day or night. Children who are deaf or find using a regular phone difficult can try our textphone service on 0800 400 222. ChildLine's counsellors are there to help you find ways to sort things out.

ChildLine is confidential - which means we won't tell anyone about your call unless you want ChildLine to talk to somebody for you, or you are in danger.

Chwilio am swydd? / Looking for work? - Dolenni da ar safle Gyrfa Cymru / A good list of job sites from Careers Wales

Crimestoppers - Os wyt ti'n dyst i drosedd, fe alli di alw Crimestoppers am ddim ar 0800 555 111. Mae'n anhysbys.

Crimestoppers is the independent charity operating the freephone 0800 555 111 helping to prevent and solve crimes. The scheme allows you to give information about crimes that affect you and your local community. Because we are anonymous, meaning we don't want your name or address, no one will ever know you made the call. Your calls are not traced and you will never have to give a statement or go to court.

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri - Cymdeithas Tai elusennol a Landlord Cymdeithasol Cofrestredig yw Cymdeithas Tai Eryri a reolir gan Fwrdd Rheoli o 15 aelod, sy'n cynnwys cynghorwyr lleol a thenantiaid. Etholir y Bwrdd Rheoli gan aelodau'r Gymdeithas yn ystod y Cyfarfodydd Cyffredinol Blynyddol. Y Bwrdd Rheoli sy'n gwneud penderfyniadau ar faterion ariannol, strategol a pholisau. Mae Pwyllgorau Ardal yn gweithredu ar ran y Bwrdd Rheoli yn Ynys Mn, Arfon a Dwyfor / Meirionnydd i drafod a monitro materion yn ymwneud Cynnal a Chadw a Rheolaeth Tai. Mae Cymdeithas Tai Eryri yn cydweithio'n agos gyda'r Awdurdodau Lleol yng Ngogledd Orllewin Cymru i ddarparu cartrefi chefnogaeth yn yr ardal.

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri is a charitable housing association and registered social landlord, governed by a Management Board consisting of 15 members, including local councillors and tenants. The members are elected during the Annual General Meeting. The Management Board is responsible for making decisions on financial, strategy and policy matters. Area committees have been set up to act on behalf of the Management Board in Ynys Mn, Arfon and Dwyfor / Meirionnydd to discuss and monitor Maintenance and Housing matters in those areas. Cymdeithas Tai Eryri works closely with Local Authorities within North West Wales to provide homes of high standards and homes, which are well within the reach of the local people.

DisabilityRights Commission - 0845 622 633 Ffon Destun 08457 622 644

The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is an independent body, established by Act of Parliament to eliminate discrimination against disabled people and promote equality of opportunity.

Elwa - Mae'r wefan hon yn darparu gwybodaeth am addysg a hyfforddiant l-16 yng Nghymru i unigolion, busnesau, cymunedau a darparwyr dysgu ac ymchwil.

This web site provides information relating to post-16 education and training in Wales for individuals, businesses, communities and learning and research providers.

Galw Iechyd Cymru / NHS Direct Wales - Gwybodaeth am iechyd a gwasanaethau Iechyd ar hyd a lled Cymru.Mae'r wefan yn darparu gwybodaeth ar ystod eang o bynciau o ffeddygaeth deulol, gwasanaethau deintyddol a grwpiau cefnogi i fferyllfeydd a gwasanaethau optegol. Mae'r wefan wedi ei chynllunio i gyd fynd gwasanaeth ffon Galw Iechyd Cymru.

Providing information on health and health services across Wales. This website provides accurate information on a range of topics from GP's, Dental Services and Support Groups to Pharmacies and Opticians, and is designed to complement the NHS Direct Wales telephone based service.

Grwp Iechyd Lleol Gwynedd - Gwynedd Local Health Group - Gwella iechyd a lles pobl Gwynedd. Gwella mynediad i ac ansawdd y gwasanaethau iechyd a ddefnyddir gan bobl Gwynedd.

To improve the health and well-being of the people of Gwynedd.
To improve access to and quality of health services used by the people of Gwynedd.

Gwasanaeth y Llys - The Court Service - Gwybodaeth ar y Llys a Gwasanaeth Rheithgor.

The Agency is responsible for the running of most of the courts and tribunals in England & Wales i.e. Crown, County, Appeals, and provides the necessary services to the judiciary and court users to ensure its impartial and efficient operation.

NHS Direct - Ymchwilia dy symptomau ar-lein neu galwa 0845 46 47.

Want to find out more about an illness or condition? or phone 0845 46 47.

Nacro Cymru - Llinell gyngor NACRO Resettlement Plus 020 7840 6464. Ar gyfer cyn-droseddwyr au teuluoedd yn unig 0800 0181 259. NACRO Cymru 01792 468400

At Nacro, the crime reduction charity, we make society safer by finding practical solutions to reducing crime. Since 1966 we've worked to give ex-offenders, disadvantaged people and deprived communities the help they need to build a better future.

O ddrws i ddrws - Mae system trafnidiaeth newydd wedi dechrau ym Mhen Llyn. Os ydych yn hyn, anabl neu yn methu cyrraedd cludiant cyhoeddus - Ffoniwch 01758 721777 .

A new transport system has been established on the Llyn peninsula. If you are older, disabled or unable to reach public transport, then phone 01758 721777 .

RNIB Wales - Cymru - Rhagor o wybodaeth i bobl nam ar eu golwg0845 702 31 53Ffn Destun 0845 58 56 91

RNIB Cymru provides services to blind and partially sighted people across Wales. Working with the National Assembly and other agencies in Wales has enabled us to bring about lasting benefits.If you would like more information, in English or Welsh, about RNIB Cymrus services, please call RNIB Wales, Trident Court, East Moors Road, Cardiff, CF24 5TD on 029 2045 0440.

Riprap - Riprap is an exciting website for young people who have a parent with cancer. It is the only one of its kind in the UK. There are stories from other young people going through the same situations you are and you'll find information and tips to help you understand and deal with what is going on in your family.

Sheltercymru - Mae Shelter Cymru yn gweithio i atal digartrefedd a gwella cyflwr tai yng Nghymru, a thros hawl pawb i gael cartref diogel, addas a fforddiadwy.

Shelter Cymru works for the prevention of homelessness and the improvement of housing conditions in Wales, and the right of everyone to a safe, suitable, affordable home.

Snap Cymru - Interactive site offering a wealth of information for and about special needs education in Wales.

Sustainable Gwynedd Gynaladwy - Ffurfiwyd Sustainable Gwynedd Gynaladwy ym 1998 er mwyn codi ymwybyddiaeth o egwyddorion datblygu cynaladwy yng Ngwynedd, ac i hybu hyder y sector wirfoddol ac unigolion i weithredu i wella eu cymunedau a gwarchod eu cynefin.

Voluntary organisation committed to raising awareness of sustainable development in the area.

The Rape Crisis Federation - Cysyllta 0115 900 3560 am dy ganolfan agosa.

The Rape Crisis Federation was launched in October 1996 and exists to provide a range of facilities and resources to enable the continuance and development of Rape Crisis Groups throughout Wales and England.

Unllais (iechyd meddwl-mental health) - Asiantaeth datblygu, gwybodaeth a hyfforddi ar iechyd meddwl yn y sector gwirfoddol yw Unllais, sy'n gwasanaethu gogledd Cymru.

Unllais is a mental health development, training and information agency operating across North Wales.

Victim Support - Victim Support is the independent charity which helps people cope with the effects of crime. We provide free and confidential support and information to help you deal with your experience.

Wales on the Web - Gatewya to quality material of Welsh interest on the world wide web.

Waste Online - Concerned about waste issues? Working within the waste industry? Delivering a school project on waste minimisation? Studying waste at university?

This website provides information and reports on a large variety of waste issues collected from many different UK and European sources, in an easily accessible and searchable format.

Waste Watch, the National Waste Awareness Initiative and The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management are working together, providing information to help you generate the knowledge.

Young People of Gwynedds Website! - Here you can get general info about drugs, contraception and mental health. On this site you can get info, advice and get the numbers of people that can help you with anything thats troubling you.

Youth Info on Crime - Detailed information about different types of crime and includes your rights when stopped and questioned, cautioned or arrested by police. - Bob math o wybodaeth ar gyfer bobl ifanc.

All kinds of information for young people. - Help and advice for parents who are tackling bullying. We explain, step by step, how to tackle the problem and what happens if you take legal action. Don't forget!! you can always email us for more help or advice.

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